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Thanks to longterm cooperation we are able to modify our quotations offering you service packages tailor-made to your company’s requirements.

You provide information on your company, based on which we work out, in close cooperation with your company, a customized service package including a cost-saving payment arrangement on a monthly basis.


This could be your service package:

Service Package “Basic" customized for “Name of Company”" €/month
Services offered:
  • Patent Application:
    2 working out 2 patent applications p.a. including basic fee and filing with the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office); plus official fees (currently € per application)
    (regular price €/month)
  • Patent Administration Software:
    access authorization of tailor-made patent administration software and insertion of data therein (also including external files)
    - inserting legal status data into the patent administration software
    - generating overview sheets with abstracts
    - inserting budget data
    - classifying into product groups
    (regular price € /month)
  • Online File:
    files completely scanned and made available online
  • Patent Knowledge Management Workshop:
    1 patent knowledge management workshop/year
    - thorough research into one subject area
    - assessment of research (Which is protected prior art? Which is free prior art? What else could be protected?)
    - insertion of information gathered into the patent administration software
    - presentation of results in a project meeting
    - pointing out potential bypass solutions for existing critical IP rights (creating a shared knowledge basis)
    - assistance/support for a creativity workshop based on the research results
    - assessment of creativity workshop results and insertion into the patent administration software
    (regular price €)
  • Meetings
    1 meeting per quarter for discussing current subjects
    - documents prepared and submitted for decision
    - report on the current status of examination procedures in the respective countries
    - follow-up and minutes



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