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In a company that has several IP rights, there is a risk of losing track of things on the IP sector.

As a safeguard, our database has been developed to meet our clients’ demand for a two-click access to any information relevant to their IP rights, which we insert individually into each client’s database to keep him/her informed on any subject at any time.

Digital Filesystem:

Each IP file is completely digitalized and made available to the client, thus considerably reducing the filing and administration workload for the client’s company.

Budget Monitoring:

“Cost Update” supplies the entrepreneur with a one-glance overview of the current costs for his IP rights.

Overview and Fast Access to IP rights:

A short abstract provides an enhanced bird’s eye view for each IP right to show the IP right’s core contents.

IP rights being tagged to product groups as well as to technical fields are easily accessed via “Keyword Search”.

Thanks to transparent filing, the company´s marketing department will be able to include IP rights easily into advertising campaigns, thus further advancing the enterprise’s image.

Management and IP department can directly match business strategies and IP strategies.

Data on Inventor’s Remuneration

One click leads to information on the schedule for payment of the inventor’s remuneration.



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