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Is my software patentable? Is my service/maintenance idea patentable?

These are questions we face more and more, due to the rapid development of these fields of business and the growing involvement of software products (e.g. smartphones, Alexa, Internet of Things, etc.) with everyday life. Too often the reply to such questions is “Don’t know” or “Way too complicated”.

We do not stop there. It is our aim to give a clear overview of the possibilities, and to work out an optimized strategy for any patent idea based on this.

The subjects “Software” and „Service/Maintenance” are comprehensively dealt with by Daub Patent and Law Firm on an everyday basis. In a recent project a three-digit number of patent prosecution proceedings were analyzed which led to granted patents in the fields of software and service. We obtained surprising practice-relevant results, providing applicants, owners and/or companies with information regarding topics as well as countries/regions in which actual success may envisaged when filing software or service patents, and regarding the wording and structure by which chances for a grant of software and service patents may be enhanced.

This past August, Mr. Thomas Daub, patent attorney, having given a detailed lecture on this subject before one of the largest patent departments in Germany, of a world-wide leader in the field of mechanical engineering, received exceedingly favorable feedback.


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